How To Cut Thick Vinyl Plank Flooring

Using a sturdy measuring tape will ensure accuracy when cutting thick vinyl plank flooring. A durable metal tape measure with a metal clip on one end is ideal for measuring and marking. Another choice is a folding wooden ruler, which will give you a straight edge without the risk of the tape slipping off the table. Always measure twice and mark each piece with two marks. Then, cut the first piece, then remeasure the same location.

To determine the exact width of a cut, use a tape measure with a self-retracting metal lip. Use a jigsaw to push the blade up and down to mark the exact distance to cut. Don’t force the blade through the plank. To minimize rejects, leave a gap of around two inches between the blade and the edge of the floor. Then, use a utility knife or a pair of scissors to make a clean cut.

You can also use a folding carpenter’s square to mark the line of the cut. It’s best to use a speed or combination square for this purpose. Remember to double check your cutting line against the area of the floor you want to cover. This will ensure that you cut the correct amount of vinyl plank flooring. Using a sharp knife, carefully trim the ends of the floor. To avoid damage to the floor, avoid hammering the edges of the vinyl plank with a sledgehammer.

To cut vinyl plank flooring, use a sharp utility knife, also known as a box cutter. This tool will help you cut the vinyl plank to specific lengths. A jigsaw is recommended for cutting long lengthwise pieces, while scoring and snapping is better suited for smaller pieces. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and handle power tools with caution. You can do the job yourself.

If you’re working on a floor project, cutting thick vinyl plank flooring is not difficult. However, you need to be aware of the different options and know how to cut it. Before you begin, you should measure the area you want to cover. Then, mark the corner with the tape. Usually, you’ll need a jigsaw to cut the planks. This method is best suited for larger areas, but it is not suitable for smaller rooms.

To cut the thick vinyl plank flooring, use a jigsaw. It’s best to use a self-retracting tape measure. It’s easier to attach the self-retracting tape measure on the vinyl planks than a standard measuring tape. To cut the planks, simply pull the measuring tap and pull the tape measure toward the area you want to cover.

Using a self-retracting tape measure is easier to use than a conventional tape measure. The self-retracting tape measure has a metal lip on one end, which is useful when trying to attach the measuring tape to vinyl planks. You should check the measurements against the printed measurements before you cut the planks. By following these steps, you can easily cut thick vinyl plank flooring.

When cutting vinyl plank flooring, you should use a self-retracting tape measure to measure the length of the piece. This tape measure has a metal lip on one end, which will help you attach it to the vinyl planks more easily. Once you have measured the length of the plank, mark it with a grease marker or carpentry pencil. Be sure to wear protective eyewear while working with power tools.

Depending on your needs, you can use a jigsaw to cut thick vinyl plank flooring. The blade will have to be sharp to avoid damaging the flooring. A jigsaw can cut the thickness of a plank without damaging it. Afterwards, you must place the cut to match the existing floor. The cutting process will be much easier. You will need a sharp knife to cut the plank.